mickey + fear of ian leaving him

reason #15 why stonefield is the best couple to ever walk the earth:

Their personal pics shown in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


get to know me meme  [2/5] favorite male characters → finn nelson (mmfd)


“This thing about your mother…” | “It doesn’t matter,” Arya said in a dull voice. “I know she’s dead. I saw her in a dream.”

Arya and Catelyn parallels (suggested by this anon.)


one gifset per episode | Outlander

1x02 Castle Leoch

You know he is literally, literally married to Svetlana, but he is actually married to Ian as far as where his commitment and his heart and his everything is at.”

Doing the tag game half drugged out post op here we gooooo

. What’s your favorite dish?
My mom’s baked chicken with garlic mashed potatoes yummm
2. If you could live, in another place, country or wherever for a year but no communication between you and your relatives and friends, where would that be?
France or Switzerland but that would be really really hard
3. If a new law was passed that you could only listen to one song on a loop for the rest of your life, which song would you choose?
Suga Suga by Baby Bash
4. If you could sort yourself to a Hogwarts’ house, which one would it be?
hufflepuff or ravenclaw
5. Open your browser history, what was the last website you visited?
Criminal Minds on watchseries cuz I’m binging it rn
6. What would you do if you wake up in your crush’s (or someone your attracted to) body?
7. If you were on Zombie Apocalypse, where would you go or settle to ride off the apocalypse?
Hmmmmm I’m not really sure? Maybe like a boat or something cuz I’m guessing zombies can swim
8. If you were on The Hunger Games, would you survive? How?
No I would die pretty quickly
9. Which GoT/Asoiaf character, do you feel connected with?
I’m not so sure on that one. I’m gonna get flack for this but probably Sansa
10. What is the color of your eyes?
11. Who/what are your favorite tumblr bloggers or blogs?
Jaimesstump always

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