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Jaime x Brienne alphabet

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Sharon Rooney on filming the second series of MMFD

No Country for An Honorable Man Chapter 9: A Man Without Honor, an a song of ice and fire fanfic | FanFiction

“Karstark is going to be a problem,” Robb said in hushed tones, pulling them aside after the council meeting. “He swears that he will not be kept from the Kingslayer, and I heard rumors that he plans to gather his men tonight to strike.”
    “He can’t do that, it would be treason!” Arya said at once.
    “Maybe it is a revenge worth treason,” Robb said, and Arya grew quite and did not speak on his uncle’s behalf further.
    Worse than treason, if Karstark did decide to attack it would put Gendry in an impossible position. He was already unpopular with the Northernmen, Jaime’s arrival had made him even less so, but if Karstark were to strike, then he could very well upset the very strained peace that Gendry had worked so hard to build. This was not to mention the chaos that would ensue after Jaime’s death under Gendry’s protection.
    “I will make sure that doesn’t happen,” Gendry swore.
    “How?” Robb asked. “Double his guard?”
    “No,” Gendry said. “I will guard his cell.”

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Valar dohaeris

FROZEN 500px gifs [5/?]

Small sketch of Aya from NCFHM

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love isn’t soft,
like those poets say.
love has teeth which bite
and the wounds  n e v e r  c l o s e.